Well, it's official. This city slicker has fallen in love with the countryside. And Oregon is to blame.

Do you see this view? I can't believe I've been sitting on these pictures from Oregon for a over year now. The Pacific Northwest was everything I'd imagined — redwood forests, vineyards, misty mornings...

Here are some images and experiences from my weekend in Newburg, Oregon. I was on a donut mission, but the first stop was the countryside, about 30 minutes outside of the city. Check out the  weekend pad.

This home had one of the best home kitchens I've ever cooked in and the host had every gadget and appliance I could think of! I made a seared halibut over asparagus with crispy tarragon and Thai peanut salad the first night. The amuse bouche consisted of a stacked salad of cucumber, red onion, cucumber, avocado, and bacon.

One day was filled with exploration of the vineyards that were right down the road from the rental house. I was definitely encouraged to have more wine knowing I was just a short walk away. The owners offered a five wine tasting flight. Needless to say, visiting a vineyard is the perfect excuse to taste several different kinds of wine at 2pm.

More Oregon adventures...

Wine was definitely a reoccurring theme.

A light donut tasting from Blue Star Donuts in Portland.