Whenever I visit Bali, the resort I stay at provides this incredible natural cinnamon soap. The smell alone is intoxicating.

Upon using it, I noticed that it contained finely ground cinnamon sticks that provided a light exfoliation on my body. It felt like I was not only getting a great cleanse, but the smell and feel felt so healing. It wasn’t abrasive at all; it felt like thousands of fingertips massaging my body.

Needless to say, I tucked away as many as I could in my suitcase throughout my stay to continue enjoying at home. Originally, I was upset that I’d waited until I got back to the United States to search for that specific brand. I couldn’t find it locally, but I luckily found this substitute that appeared to be close, if not better than what I experienced.

I did a bit of research on the company, Bali Soap. I was pleased to discover how similar it was to the soap I’d used in Bali. All of the soaps they produce are vegan and incorporated with botanicals and natural oils straight from the islands of Indonesia.

Even better, all soaps are made by hand so each one has its own unique essence, while still being consistently amazing. Bali Soap uses the cold process method of making soap with ensures that all natural ingredients are preserved.



Bali Soap also ensures that natural glycerin is still implemented in the soap, unlike most companies, because it is the best at preserving moisture. It ensures your skin is moisturizer while being cleansed. This means it is an ideal option for dry and flaky skin or sensitive skin.

If you enjoy using natural products of any kind, I highly suggest you don’t skip over this soap. It may be pricier than others, but don’t let that deter you. The product you receive has natural healing ingredients and is hand made. Plus, you will feel better knowing you are providing jobs to those in a third world country.


Enjoy your Bali Soap! You can read more about their company here.