I've listed a few items you can give to your favorite foodie!

Agate Coasters

With these natural agate coasters, your night cap just got classier.

Himalayan Pink Salt Mortar & Pestle

Elevate your crushed herbs and add ambience to your kitchen. #nobasic

Kitchen Throw Rug

Give guests a cute reminder. Give yourself a reminder when you reach for the takeout menu drawer.

Sphere & Square Ice Cube Tray 

Add a touch of sophistication to your beverages.

Marble Pastry Board

Roll out your kinks and bumps.

Plush Robe

If you have no cuddle buddy, keep yourself warm in this über soft bathrobe.

Elephant Corkscrew

The trunk turns into a bottle opener and the tail is a corkscrew. Clever, huh?

Reclaimed Wood Recipe Stand

Made from repurposed European wood, this stand is one of a kind and will add edge to any kitchen.

Copper Barman's Set

Hand crafted in Mexico. Margaritas for two?

Painted Salad Plate

Honstly, we all could use an extra dose of brightness right now.

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