Ah, avocado toast. What would brunch be without thee? I haven’t skimmed a menu lacking this staple for years now. Honestly, I haven’t seen much variety, which is always an inspiration to create. There are countless ways to enhance a simple avocado toast. It all depends on how willing you are to take your taste buds outside the box.

Long gone are the days of simply smashed avocado and sprinkle of red pepper flakes. Take advantage of versatile canvas like an avocado. Be adventurous and add surprising toppings to keep your avocado toast from being too…well, basic.


- shredded chicken
- boiled or poached egg
- Canadian ham
-  tofu


- asparagus
- arugula
- radishes


- mozzarella
- cotija
- asiago
- shaved parmesan


- cilantro
- thyme
- mint
- basil


- sliced peaches
- figs
- blueberries

my avocado toast variations

(clockwise from top left)

- sliced radish + thyme
- sliced boiled egg + paprika
- diced tomatoes + feta  + tarragon
- cumin + thyme
- bacon + cherry tomatoes
- bacon + shredded jack cheese
- cilantro  + sriracha
- blueberry +  mint  + feta
- basil + cherry tomatoes + mozzarella
The fun thing is experimenting with different flavors and finding combinations that you'd never expect to enjoy!